Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm in the The Denver Post!

I'm pretty stoked to share that an article was written about me in my local newspaper.  I'm feeling famous.

Click here if you would like to read the article.

I think I will be carrying my silly little paper around with me all day.  I have an infusion later (assuming decent platelet counts) and plan to show the nurses my paper like a proud parent.

Somehow, I am slightly sad.  (Maybe it's my Nyquil haze.) I guess it is because I'd rather have my babes than an article.  I'm tired of dealing with the extraordinary.  I would like a plain, boring life thank you very much.

Maybe someone, somewhere will read this and be inspired.  Maybe someone who just lost a baby will realize that they aren't alone; that there are lots of use wading through the heartbreak every. damned. day.  Maybe someone will be able to get out of bed tomorrow and go on a walk.   Maybe that's too optimistic for one little article, but those are my hopes.

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