Friday, April 11, 2014

Photo of the Day

Holy Moses.  Did Hell just freeze over?  Two posts in two days after a half-year hiatus?  Here's the deal.  I'm remembering why I started doing this a few years back.  Therapy.  This shit is therapy.  Salud! and to my health.

So there is this awesome Photo a Day thing-a-majig from Fat Mum Slim that makes it's rounds on my Facebook page from time to time.  I find it uplifting.  Her lovely little prompts help me focus on making something small and lovely each day.

Here are my participatory photos so far this month.

Something Purple

No this lovely is not growing in my backyard.  My son is behind me having a time-out at the grocery store.

In my hand

Ok so it's not in my hand, but in my son's.  I'm trying desperately to grow some a vegetable garden this year.  We will see how that pans out.


The countdown on my very last infusion!

Good Together

Taste of Spring

A squill growing in my yard.  I have little plants everywhere.  They make me happy.


It took my best-friend a year to get me to start scrapbooking with her.  I refused because I thought it was lame-o. Now I'm addicted and have way too much crap and it's all her fault.

Favorite Time of Day

The morning with the birds chirping away.  Everything is clean and peaceful.

Favorite Time of Day II

Those few moments when my son has just woken up and is sleepy and snuggly.  It literally lasts 5 seconds.

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