Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This is right.....right???

I'm feeling pretty insane these days.  Decision making is impossible.  I flip flop back and forth between the extreme extremes over any decision.  And I am not talking about stupid little decisions like paper or plastic or whether I should have a greasy burger or salad for lunch.

I go from firmly believing one extreme to firmly deciding on the other.  Yes, another pregancy ASAP to hella no I will never do this to my family again.  I want to close my "business" (and a mom?) to I am going to hit it harder and make it more and more successful.  I hate myself, I am a piece of trash not worth the oxygen I breath to I am a decent mother and wife and can do it all.

I flip flop from day to day and sometimes in the same day multiple times.  It makes me feel so lost to not even know what I want.  My mind confuses me and makes everything more difficult.  Please Crazy Brain, give this lady a break.

1 comment:

  1. I took flip flop on another pregnacy and just keeping hoping I will know when I am ready...maybe you too will just know one day soon. Until then be okay with yourself Hugs.