Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boobies update

People want to be updated about my boobies.  They constantly want to know what I have learned during my daily excursions through hospitals and medical offices.  Telling everyone over and over is exhausting.  I want to tell you all, I do!  But I'm going to centralize it some so as not to lose my mind.

I met with a breast surgeon today.  She went ahead and ripped my rose colored glasses right off my face.  We still don't have any answer yet, no plan as to what step is next.  Not until I get my genetic counseling done and met with an oncologist.

But here it is:  If I wasn't pregnant, they could do a lumpectomy, radiate the hell out of me and on we would go (at least it would be an option).  But being pregnant kills most of your choices.  Without terminating the pregnancy, I am left with 2 options. 

1. full mastectomy of the cancer boobie. 
2. chemo now while pregnant then maybe lumpectomy after the baby is born (this is ONLY if the oncologist says that I flat out need chemo at some point).

Oh, but there's a third option.....

I always like to make decisions based on statistics.  I love statistics, but in this case they are staggering and scare the crap out of me.  The genetic counselor will be testing me for something called BRACG.  If I am BRACG positive, I have a 60% chance of getting breast cancer again.  If I am BRACG negative, I will have a 1% chance of getting breast cancer again for each year I am alive.....  I'm 29....   That means that by the time I'm 80 I will have a 50% chance of getting breast cancer again. 

Flip a coin.  If it's heads, I don't get breast cancer again.  If it's tails, round #2!!

So, holy hell, what do you do to prevent me from getting cancer again?!?!? 

Chop 'em both off.  Even the healthy one.  That's it.  That's my only option to kill those awful statistics.

Even though my breasts are the only part of my body that I have liked for the majority of my life (excluding prepubescence...dur), that's not what kills me.  It's the breastfeeding.  I won't be able to breastfeed this baby.  It's crushing.  But this doctor made a good point while she held my hand as I cried about my boobies:

A formula fed baby with a healthy, alive mommie is better off than a breastfed baby with no mommie.

I haven't made any decisions yet.  Not until I get all the results and talk to the oncologist (Friday the 18th for those of you playing along in the game's "at home" version).  ...oh and talk more to my husband...

But I'm not so sure there is a decision to be made....


  1. Amy, I am so so sorry you are even having this think about these choices. Sending prayers and all my best thoughts your way daily. *hugs*

  2. Same here Amy. Praying hard that you are finding courage and strength in each day. Anything you need girl and you got it. Big hugs! xoxo.

  3. Not sure why it put anonymous, BUT it's me Leah M.