Saturday, January 5, 2013

The next slap: cancer

One week after learning Baby B died, I was told I have breast cancer.

They can remove the tumor while you a pregnant. A nurse practitioner told me they may be able to use a local anesthetic just like they did when they did my biopsy (ps. I felt not a thing), then treat me later with radiation or.....chemo or something after I am healed from baby.

The medical people have been amazing (I have never said that before in my life). I have 4 medical offices communicating together without me at all. The surgeon's office actually called ME to make an appointment.

So I go to a breast surgeon on Tuesday and have heard from 3 sources that the doctor is AMAZING and very compassionate. I have been told I will love her. I will get my options risks and such from her and then we will make a plan. I think they have to wait til 2nd trimester to take the lump out (which is really close actually)

Mentally, I am up and down. I spent last weekend depressed about Baby B and was convinced Baby A had died too. I'm trying not to spend this weekend the same way, but it's up and down. I'm realizing I have been depressed for a couple weeks and can't fight back very much right now.

I am trying so hard to learn to accept help. I am already much better about this than I was years ago but still don't want to accept nice things from people. So if people offer, I am trying to take it.....even if I don't need it right now

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