Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 23rd

Written yesterday. Posted today

It is somehow apt that today is the day my twins were due.  Today the day of my last chemo treatment. The twins who saved my life.

You see, my tumor was found at my 8 week OB appointment.  There is no way it would have been found as early if I hadn't been carrying my boys.

We all know due dates don't mean shit.  No one is every born on their due dates.  My boys wouldn't have been born today because twin pregnancies don't make it to 40 weeks.  Even when just Archer was left, he wouldn't have been born tomorrow because chemotherapy would have dictated my induction date.

But still....all my papers said Estimated Due Date 7/23.  It was still the due date I told people when they asked (along with a lengthy explanation about how they wouldn't be born then)

I have never felt the meaning of the word "bittersweet" so intensely.

Thank you, my baby boys, for saving me life.  Love you.


  1. My heart aches for you, Amy. Your boys were such a blessing, before they brought your cancer to light and because they caused it to be detected. But I wish things we so very different for you and cancer never entered the equation. Thinking of you and hoping your boys send a little love your way. xo

  2. This is beautiful Amy. What a tribute to your beautiful babies. They did something in the short time they had here that most of us will never be able to claim in a lifetime. Thank you Archer and baby brother for giving Amy many more years with her family and friends. <3 Rachael

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful babies.