Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cancer Carpe Diem

Quite possibly the coolest thing about cancer (yes, there is something cool about cancer) is my new need to grab life by the horns.  There are all of these things that I have always wanted to do, but don't because I am scared.  Usually I am afraid I will look like a moron or that I will get horribly mangled by some crazy flesh-eating beast.

I hate slides.  No, seriously.  They scare the shit out of me.  I'm not talking about huge slides, just regular old playground slides.  Scare the crap out of me.

So in June, I decided to go with my husband, my son, and my nephew down THIS:

Yeah, that's me up there on the left.....peeing my pants.

I know that's not too scary to most, but to me that thing is terrifying.  I screamed the whole way down.  Got a little hurt when I caught air on the 2nd and 3rd bump.  Oh... and it was flipping AWESOME.

I have lived in Colorado my entire life and have never been skiing.  Never.  Never even had a pair of skis on my feet.  I have always been too timid and honestly afraid of getting hurt.  Well screw that.

Me skiing....
 This winter, my ass is skiing......bunny hills.  My skiing partner better not crap out on me either. (You know who you are!!!!!!   Actually she doesn't read this.....)

I have always adored colored glass.  Pendants, wind-chimes, bowls, jewelry, love, love, love.   I have wanted for years to try my hand at stained glass but never have purely because of the cost.  Some of the equipment is pricey!  I didn't want to buy the stuff just to end up hating it and have wasted lots of money.  Wouldn't want to take a freakin' risk.  Well screw that.  

Glasscraft in Golden, CO
I am taking a Flamworking class next month in Golden, Colorado to make a kick ass sculpture.  And if I like it, I'm buying supplies to do it at home.  Oooo or taking the pipe making class!

Ya know those mud runs?  Masochists (dressed up like nut jobs) run a 5K in the mud and water with difficult, body-beating obstacles.  I totally wanted to do one last year when I was the fittest I had ever been.  But I wanted to do the hardcore ones.  Tough Mudder or the Warrior Run.  And I wanted to run it, not walk it (I do NOT run).  But I wasn't in the physical shape I thought I needed to be so I didn't do it.   Well screw that.

Anyone know where I can get a quick-release, pink, satin cape for my adventure?

I'm running the Dirty Girl Mud Run on September....ok I'm walking the Dirty Girl Mud Run in September.   Probably during radiation treatments. The run supports breast cancer awareness and research and even lets cancer survivors register for free!  It's free to watch and cheer me on (Sept 14th at 10:30am) and my team is looking for runners if you want to do it with me.  Team name: Fake and Fantastic.  In honor of my bionic breasts.   ps. They have beer.

Next.  White water rafting.  Why have I never been?  I have wanted to do that for ages but have been too pansy.  I have no plans in the works yet.  But if anyone want to go, I am GAME.

I have always been too pansy.  I am done being pansy.  My whole point here is: Get over yourselves!!  Don't wait until you are sick to stop being pansy.  You are not too fat, too out-of-shape, too weak, too scared, or too whatever to do it.  You might fall down.  You might get hurt.  But what the hell is the point if you don't take some risks, push yourself out of your comfort zone and JUST DO IT. (Thanks Nike.) Go horseback riding, go wind surfing, run a marathon, take up basket weaving, learn to spin your own yarn, climb a mountain, go sky diving.  Otherwise, what is the fucking point??

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  1. I always enjoy your words. And you are so right! Thank you for another reality check. You are my hero! Love you, Mom